Saturday, June 28, 2008

Little Chocolate Somethings.

"Little cuppycakes for a new Baby in the family."

I am an aunt again! My second brother Matt and his wife said HELLO to they latest child (Name unknown).
So I, in haste made mini cupcakes for the family. Baking on so many levels is definitely a "Good thing" to take a note from the Martha Book. People who know me know I like things mini. It's just cuter to eat/decorate/look at the novelty of something delicate and cute. Give me bite-sized any day from Texas Muffin-size. These are just classic vanilla cuppycakes with a chocolate icing. I actually made pink lemon icing for the ones I gifted, but since I was in an insane rush I didn't get time to take any pictures. 

On another point, I am turning 20 very soon! (I don't necessarily think that needed an exclamation, but it seems fit to be excited about it right?) Birthdays... they puzzle me. In theory the thought of it supersedes the event itself. Maybe if I weren't such a control freak then I would be able to let someone else plan my birthday. I mean I want to bake my birthday cake, cater and plan. WEIRD?! Yes! I agree. I have more fun planning the event I think. Make-up. It gives me headaches. Getting ready is fun, but stripping it all off at the end of the night in all tiredness (avert your thoughts perverts if you want sex you got the wrong girl...) This is the point where my sister sighs and tells me I am in the wrong industry. *Cue laughter reel*

So happy birthday to me. Send the presents my way. 

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