Friday, June 27, 2008

Get Smart - Fudge Four Ways.

"Laugh out loud and, no this is not a movie blog."

Went with lovely Caitlin to see "Get Smart" at Crown Casino today and we laughed, squirmed and I nearly cried. (Why? Because Anne Hathaway got to roll around in the dirt wearing a Chanel suit - A white one.) 

Anyway, we had trouble finding the Apero flavour I wanted (damn CBD supermarkets!) so we made do with Honey & Dijon Mustard and a mixed bag of fudge. This made me think oddly about a situation when someone told me I would be an expensive girlfriend. I don't know how many people would react... but I was taken a back at the time. So why did I think of that moment when I was buying Sakata Apero and Gold & Black fudge from the supermarket? Because it goes to show how much I would not be a total budget breaker girlfriend. Instead of paying $6 for a "movie sized" (smaller, sneakily smaller) packet of Natural Confectionary or Allen's Lollies, I opted for the supermarket. Seeing how it is much more cost effective... does that make me a frugal person or someone who is wise? Well maybe not wise, but it would be common sense right? That aside, I'm not the type that would enter a Gucci store and whine to their boyfriends about how they want THAT bag (yes I have seen it before).
SO, HA HA at your little (sometimes not so) girlfriends who whine and pose in front of Gucci et. al like they are models in a photo shoot just so they can put it as their profile picture on Facebook. 

Fudge Four Ways.

My brother gave me this advice: 
"If a guy asks you on a date and doesn't pick you up, drop you home AND pay for the meal don't bother. Actually if he doesn't have a car..."
"Really?" I answered.
"Yes. In fact if he doesn't pay for every meal then don't waste you time."

Wow. Here I thinking is this even possible? That's Old school chivalry for you. I guess I will heed my brother's advice and filter the men from boys? Is this mean? I guess you never see James Bond splitting the bill.

I often feel bad when someone pays for me. To which my girlfriends are respond, "Nicole you have got to stop giving gifts to people who give you gifts." So to the someone who said I would be an expensive girlfriend please stand up and park that comment in the whiny girlfriends of the world.

P.S Remember how I told you there were many ways to use left over ganache in the precious blog? Well her are some truffles "I made earlier". 
Truffles of the non-mushroom variety.

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