Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Is that a huge Hobnob?

"Hobnobs and Digestive biscuits- searching for the recipe"

We grew up eating digestive biscuits. I love them. They are so satisfying and you can get that added "feel-good" because they have oats. =)
I have been trying to reproduce its sister the Hobnob and the Digestive biscuit itself. I have looked on countless blogs but nothing compares to the processed version. I think they are the holy grail of biscuits. Here was my first attempt at the Hobnob. I am going to cut down the sugar and maybe try corn syrup instead of golden syrup. They basically taste like Anzac biscuits without the coconut.... But still gorgeous. I used rolled oats which I personally like, but perhaps instant oats will serve better for the recipe. 

If anyone has any ideas to add please let me know!

I am still searching for the recipe...